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Over 40 years-experience of our partners, specialized in logistics and steel AND HARBOUR material handling both nationally and abroad, teach us how important it is to work with forklifts, reach-stacker, trailers, roll trailers, terminal tractor, equipment, forks , ONLY, of high quality. 

LC Project was founded in 2007. LC Project can now offer the widest range of products on the market, by designing and manufacturing equipment for general handling as well as solutions oriented to meet the customer’ needs for specific applications. 

Our operational know-how, together with the feeling we reserve to our user, allows us to ensure:

  • Efficiency and productivity improvement 
  • Safety increase in the workplace 
  • Maintenance costs reduction 
  • Additional storage capacity 
  • Increased visibility 


We study ad hoc solutions for any type of movement, supported by our deep knowledge of business environments. All products are entirely designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of each customer. 

We are specialized in providing: industrial trailers, roll-trailers and roll trailer industrial port, terminal tractor trucks, and special forks.


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